Angelic Valley is a perfect place to experience a great adventure of agro-tourism. The unique location of the village has been admired since 1328, when Aniołowo was founded by the Teutonic Knights.

Angelic Valley

34 Aniołowo

Pasłęk 14-400, Poland

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Bałoszyce Palace is located in the northern part of the picturesque Iławski Lake District, in the commune of Susz. There are numerous attractions in the immediate vicinity of the Bałoszyce Palace. Those include: Finckenstein baroque palace complex in the nearby Kamieniec, which in 1807 was used by Napoleon Bonaparte as his residence, and the Pomezanian Chapter Castle in Szymbark.

Bałoszyce Palace

Bałoszyce 25

14-240 Susz

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Elblag Canal - the longest shipway in Poland, recognized as one of the seven wonders of Poland, hydro-technical construction 150km long and with 103m difference in levels was designed by George Steenke in 1862. A peculiarity on an European scale is a set of five ramps, on which ships are shunted on special platforms positioned on the rails. Rail winding devices used for this purpose are mechanically driven by flowing water power. After the ongoing renovation of the canal, it will soon be possible to sail on cruise ships, sailboats and kayaks An extension of the Elbląg Canal is Druzno Lake, a valuable fauna reserve, breeding grounds of waterfowl and marsh birds, mainly ducks, grebes, gulls and terns, as well as small, perchers (passerine birds). To a limited extent, it is also a great fishing reservoir.

Elbląg Upland is a fantastic place for amateurs of cycling escapades. Hilly, diverse terrain, steep forest gorges overgrown with beech woods, the former summer residence of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany in Kadyny, Elbląg’s  Pheasantry, privateer village of Suchacz or picturesquely situated Łęcze are interesting, worth seeing places on the route of a cycling track.

Frombork is a small town by the Vistula Lagoon (Vislinski Zaliv). A picturesque place and, due to  numerous remnants of the past, full of mysterious charm. Since the end of the thirteenth century the seat of the Warmian cathedral and chapter. The town, established by a Lübeck law where the first settlers came from, has held a town charter since July 8, 1310. Sightseeing of Frombork is especially recommended on a summer Sunday, when the organ concerts are held in the archiepiscopal basilica Next, you can go for delicious coffee and desserts to a cafe in a restored, sixteenth century water tower. You can also learn about the history of the discovery by Nicholas Copernicus in a museum named after him. You can see there the tools he used, or visit one of excellent period exhibitions You can also cross the Vistula Lagoon on a water bus cruise to the nearby Piaski.

Nearby Malbork is an ideal destination for an all-day trip aimed at visiting THE Teutonic Knights castle, which is one of the finest examples of medieval military and residential architecture in Europe. The rich collections of furniture, paintings, militaria, and learning the ins and outs of life in a medieval castle will be a significant attraction for adults, but also a delight to the youngest ones, especially a staged acquisition of a medieval castle that takes place annually during one of July’s evenings

Mennonite Religion came into being nearly five centuries ago in Switzerland and soon after in the Netherlands. Mennonites were present at the delta of the Vistula River from the sixties of the sixteenth century until the end of World War II. Having arrived at the exceptionally tolerant sixteenth-century Poland, they were involved in the process of developing depression wetlands of Żuławy. Today, hardly anyone knows who they were, where they came from and, most importantly, what exactly they did for this land, and what they did not do although they have been credited for. They left behind them, abandoned churches, cemeteries with their distinctive Mennonite stelae

Cordially welcome to the Palace and Park Complex in Janów. Romantic events in the palace’s historic venues. Bonfire feasts under red beeches emanating with power, strength and vitality.

'Palace in Janów" agro-tourism

1 Janów

82-310 Elblag, Poland

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Pasłęk, founded in 13th century by Dutch settlers is one of the most likely places where the Amber Chamber might be hidden. The vaults of the Teutonic castle have not been thoroughly explored yet. It is also worth listening to Baroque organs in the Gothic church of St. Bartholomew Near Pasłęk, there is an interesting layout of palace and park in Kwitajny and the ruins of the place of residence of one of the most powerful families of Prussia – zu Dohna Family in Słobity

Rzeczna Stud Farm offers a pension for horses and equestrian trainings, which are run by qualified instructors of sports and recreation.

Stado Ogierów Starogard Gdański Sp. z o.o.


14-400 Pasłęk

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Vistula Lagoon, attractive in the summer for trying sea kayaking or in winter for iceboats sailing.