Welcome to the historic Manor in Dawidy, located in the former East Prussia on the outskirts of the picturesque Elbląg Upland and Lenka nature reserve. The eighteenth century Baroque manor house been subjected to careful maintenance and decorated with attention to details and with historical facilities . There are 20 beds in two-bed rooms and four-bed apartments waiting for our guests. You will find: venison, fish and the finest regional products on our tables; a glass of fine wine in our cellar; and rest in the surrounding park in the shade of old lindens, oaks and beech trees . It is really close to Frombork , Malbork and Elblag Canal ramps from here.


Just beyond the park belonging to the manor, there is a scenic Lenka reserve, cut by deep ravines, with a flowing stream at the bottom of the ravine, created to preserve very beautiful and lush larch and beech trees. Larches of this place grew to impressive size of 48 meters in height and 330cm in circumference. A walk to the bottom of the ravine will provide an unforgettable impressions at any time of year.